Art Quilting for hire


Do you have a lot of art quilts sitting on your “To Do” shelf waiting to be quilted?

Do you have an art quilt that you just don’t know how to quilt it?

I can help!

My favorite part of the art quilt process is the quilting. From choosing thread, to creating textures. I love doing it so much, that I am now open for taking in art quilts to quilt. I currently have a limitation of quilts no more than 60” wide.

The Details:

Custom Art Quilting:

I charge $0.055 per square inch.

Example: 36” x 45” = 1,620; 1,620 x .055 = $89.10

Thread Charge:

$8.00 charge per quilt

I use a wide variety of threads from cotton to polyesters. I generally choose threads based on what the quilt “needs”. If you have a specific preference please let me know and we will work something out.

Please contact me at if you are interested in having quilting done. Please see the gallery pages for samples of my quilting.

Your quilt top should be pressed carefully, and threads clipped. Any fused pieces must be securely attached. The backing and batting must be at least 2” larger than the top on all sides. The backing should be square and pressed. Do not pin or baste your top. Any borders must lay flat. Please, no bed sheets as backing. There will a $10 charge if there is a need for pressing, clipping threads or squaring the backing.

If your top is not flat and/or has wavy borders, please note that these cannot be quilted out and may result in tucks or puckers in the quilting.

***Please note that any embellishments such as beads, mirrors, glass, etc. should not be added to the piece before quilting. It is perfectly find to use a temporary marking method to mark where they will be, if you want this taken into consideration during the quilting.***